Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Week So Far....

but I'm loving it
My best friend has been here and we have had a great time.

I was playing with the bubbles with her. She was very confused and couldn't find where the bubbles were going.

we were at the Giants game today and they won!!

me Layla and Jen

Layla enjoyed the game

Matt, Jeremy, Me, Layla and Jen waiting for the game to start

Getting ready to go home

She had to have some Ice Cream and her Birthday. I bought here a little Clown Cone...
and she enjoyed, can you tell? She got it all over inclueding me too.

but I didn't care casue she's still my best friend

Then she took a bath. I hope you had a good day. Happy Birthday, Best friend I love you!

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Kelly said...

Looks like the best week ever!