Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saving Brett Fafard....

I was on facebook a couple of weeks and I saw that a friend of mine I use to go to church with has stage 3 testicular cancer... nobody should ever have to go though this!! My thoughts are with you Brett and your family. Here is some more info if you guys would like to help out. Stay strong and keep fighting hard Brett....

As some of you may know, our brother (Brett Fafard) was recently diagnosed (June 8, 2009) with Stage III Testicular Cancer.

At the time of writing this, Brett has currently undergone his 1st round of chemotherapy and has had 2 surgeries to combat the cancer that has invaded his abdomen, chest, liver, lungs and neck. He will be going through about 3-4 more rounds of chemotherapy and after that, possibly more surgery or radiation therapy.

He still has a long way to go in his treatment and is enduring and fighting through the side effects currently accompanying the treatments.

On top of fighting for his life, Brett was forced to withdraw from school during his treatment, and lost his job due to his current inability to work his shifts at the plasma center.
If these challenges weren’t enough, Brett falls into the largest group of uninsured Americans, those aged 19-29. Like a lot of people his age, Brett is too old to be on his parents’ policy, makes too much to qualify for public health care (yikes, $10 per hour is too much?) but can’t afford private insurance.

As a show of support for Brett, we are organizing our own fundraising effort. We are hoping to raise enough money to cover some of his expenses.

If anyone is able to help us reach our goal that would be absolutely great!

We are also looking for anyone who would be willing to gather sponsors, or would be willing to help out in any way. Any and all types of donations will be gratefully accepted, to bring us all closer to our goal of getting Brett through this time, back to health and the full life he is used to!

If you are able to contribute, please click on the link below and make donations through paypal. We also have established a bank account at Wells Fargo. You can go into any branch and make a deposit under Carrie and Mike Butler for the benefit of Brett Fafard zip code 84088. Or click here for paypal the benefit account email address is for paypal.

As you might imagine, Brett is going through a lot and spending most of his time at the hospital these days. Please send your well wishes at this time to this event page only so we can respect his privacy through this difficult time. We will continue to post updates and messages from Brett each week. Thanks for the support!


kayla & tyler said...

He used to be in my dad's old byu ward and I met him and we had him over for dinner just a few months ago! He is a really nice guy and I feel so bad about what is happening to him. My dad just told me about it last week!!!! My prayers are with him and his family.

karina said...

Hey Brett, i hope you get well !Hey Dude, now is my turn to write in portugues, then, you can remember those good times here in Brazil.
Ei, voce ficou muito gatinho assim , olha, estou orando por você, não cheguei ate conhecer aqui na missão, mas senti algo muito espiritual agora que vi tua foto,então,desde já estou orando por você,fica firme tá?
Vai dar tudo certo! Quem sabe eu não consiga te tazer aqui para Recife ?
Melhoras! beijos, de sua mais nova fã hahaha
Walkiria .

Michael said...

Wanted to share that Brett passed away last Wednesday night. At least now he is free from the immense pain.